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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 31, 2021

Brian and Ed are joined in the That Real Blind Tech Show virtual studio by Jeanine Stanley, pinch hitting for Allison.


Because it could only happen in 2021, we start off discussing a man being killed by a dinosaur, yes, a dinosaur! IBM has created an app to help blind people stand in line and socially distant,...

May 23, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Legendary Comedian, actor, singer, and 13 time performer at Laugh For Sight Robert Klein in to the That Real Blind Tech show podcast bunker.


We ask Robert how he has been getting by without being on stage and if this is the longest he has gone in his professional life without being on a...

May 18, 2021


Because it was a slow work day, Brian decided to do a demo of Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video has recently exploded with the amount of Audio Described content in their collection.


Brian walks you through navigating the home screen via headings and flicking around. He then walks you through your recently...

May 14, 2021


Brian and Allison welcome Laugh For Sight alum, Comedian Eddie Brill to the Virtual That Real Blind Tech Show Studio. 


We discuss how Eddie got started in stand-up comedy, who his early influences were, and what it was like meeting Richard Pryor for the first time.


We discuss the beginning of the Corona Virus...

May 9, 2021

It is a fully crewed fully packed virtual self distanced That Real Blind Tech show studio, as the entire gang is back together again.


We  start off with the ancient philosophers question of how stupid are sighted people when it comes to blindness? We then dive in to the sale of Yahoo Fantasy and what it means for the...