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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jul 26, 2021

It’s an Ed less That Real Blind Tech Show, as Allison and Brian wonder twin powers unite to bring you the latest all new That Real Blind Tech show.


Listen in to find out what baffling phrase is setting off Brian’s A Lady devices. Strange stuff!


We then discuss self flying planes, seriously self flying planes,...

Jul 16, 2021

The entire gang is back together again in their cardboard basements of choice. 


We start off discussing the Linuk Foundations launching an open voice network to build an industry wide standard. Leakers are reporting that Lidar will only be available on the iPhone Pro 13 models. Will that affect your decision?



Jul 11, 2021

It’s another spectacularly awesome That Real Blind Tech show demo. Brian flying solo as he demos the HBO Max iOS app accessibility along with how to play Audio Description.


Brian walks you through the Home screen of the app, how to get audio description playing, how to add titles to my list, heading navigation of...

Jul 4, 2021

Allison and Brian present another in our Trendsetters series  as they welcome Sir David Woodbridge in to the That Real Blind Tech show virtual studio. For those of you who follow assistive technology, David Woodbridge needs no introduction, so we have a little fun with our intro.


We find out was David a techie before...