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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 26, 2021

It’s an Ed less podcast, as Ed is refusing to update to iOS 15, that’s 15 not 5. So without Ed, Brian, Allison, and Jeanine gather in the That Real Blind Tech Show virtual studio to discuss all things iOS 15.


They start off discussing if they have preordered any new devices.


 We then discuss the disappointing...

Sep 22, 2021


Brian and Ed welcome Justin Bishop in to the That Real Blind Tech show Virtual Studio. Justin who has Retinitis Pigmentosa does not let that stand in his way as a professional Blind Skateboarder.


Justin walks us through losing his vision, and what it was like getting back on a skateboard after his vision loss.  He...

Sep 16, 2021

It’s a Super Sized gathering of the entire That Real Blind Tech Show team, as Allison, Brian, Ed, and Jeanine get together to discuss all the new Apple products.


The gang starts off talking about meeting each other in person for the first time. 


We then welcome newbies Allison and Jeanine to The All Blind Fantasy...

Sep 5, 2021

Brian welcomes in Gui Rambo the developer of AirBuddy .


We discuss what AirBuddy is, why you want it, how it will make using Apple Ecosystem Headphones work with your Mac so much smoother.


We discuss the work a developer needs to take in to consideration when designing and updating an app with accessibility in mind....