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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 30, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Michael Kalberer in to the virtual That Real Blind Tech show studio. Michael is an uplifting spirit as he lives with both blindness from LCA  and Cerebral Palsy. 


Michael is a big sports fan and tells us what it was like growing up with multiple disabilities and still participating playing sports.

Oct 22, 2021

The gang is fully back together after a busy weekend and start of the week to talk the latest Apple announcements and a little other tech news.


We start off discussing some changes you may or may not want to make to VoiceOver when getting a new device. And some basic maintenance you will want to do when starting with...

Episode 54 Transcribed - Inspiration Porn, A Conversation With Rebecca Alexander

Oct 14, 2021

[MUSIC PLAYING] - You're listening to "That Real Blind Tech Show" with Brian and Ed.

BRIAN FISCHLER: I have a name for my chronic pain. It's called Ed.

REBECCA ALEXANDER: I wanted to say first we've met in New York.

ED PLUMACHER: I've read your book. I found it to be brutally honest and very straightforward.


Oct 14, 2021

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show. Pinch hitting for Ed is Joe Steinkamp who joins Brian and Allison in the virtual studio to discuss all the latest greatest tech news.


It’s the hundred year anniversary of the white cane . Is it time for a robotic cane, and would you trust it?


Twitter is developing a...

Oct 6, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Best Selling Author, Psycho-Therapist, Spin Coach, and all around great gal Rebecca Alexander to the That Real Blind Tech show Virtual Studio.


We begin at the beginning as where else would you begin? We start off discussing when Rebecca was initially diagnosed with a vision loss. Rebecca then...