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That Real Blind Tech Show

Dec 23, 2021

With the end of 2021 here, and Ed and Allison off with holiday family responsibilities, Brian decided to creep in to the Virtual That Real Blind Tech show studio and drop some of What Is Pissing Brian Off as 2021 rounds out. Not to worry, he made it a festive What’s Pissing Off Brian with demos to go along with it...

Dec 17, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Sina Bahram in to the Virtual That Real Blind Tech Show studio.


We find out from Sina what it is like to experience zero gravity as Sina was part of the first all disabled crew to get to experience what space flight feels like.  Sina then tells us how he got involved with Astro Access.


Sina then...

Dec 2, 2021


It has been awhile, but once again it is Brian flying solo with a super cool super helpful super useful demo, that is basically, pretty super.


Brian will walk Mac users through using the NumPad Commander. He walks you through how to enable the NumPad commander, how to toggle it on and off, his NumPad Commands, how...