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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jun 26, 2022

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show with the gang in their separate lairs. And we start talking about how someone wants to copy That Real Blind Tech show and build their own lair.


China claims it has discovered aliens, but then quickly deletes the report. How did a man in Japan lose his entire town’s...

Jun 18, 2022

It’s been awhile, but it’s another Super Cool, super Solo That Real Blind Tech Show demo from Brian. With more big companies playing nice together, it was about time for Brian to ditch his subscription to Amazon Music, and switch to Apple Music as part of the Apple One Plus option.


The issue with switching music...

Jun 14, 2022

It’s an all new fully packed That Real Blind Tech Show lair, as Brian and Ed welcome in Virginia Jacko, CEO of the Miami Lighthouse and Jorge Hernandez, IT Manager for the Miami Lighthouse.


We kick things off catching up with Virginia since we last spoke with her mid-pandemic, and find out how things have been going...

Jun 8, 2022

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show,  and we have found Jeanine, she’s alive, and we sucked her in to the That Real Blind Tech Show lair for a massive recap of WWDC 2022. So welcome back Jeanine Stanley, and Allison Meloy is here as well. Sorry Allison no creative lengthy intro for you.


We start off finding...