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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 7, 2022

We begin the final part of our massive 100th episode clip show celebration with the gang styling and freestylng on Episode 71.


With the huge success of the NumPad Commander a listener requested a demo of the keyboard commander which arrived on episode 72.


Episode 74 was our attempt of multiple host interviewing multiple guests about this year’s CSUn, and the new tech center at the Lighthouse Guild, and also saw the return of friend of the podcast, Dr. Bryan Wolynski.


Episode 75 brought Aira CEO Troy Etillio and Jeanine Stanley wearing her Aira hat to the show.


Episode 76 brought Deque Systems Jon Buonaspina to the show.

Episode 77 brought Ukrainian Helger Kellanstonian to the show. Yes, another April something episode. Additionally, episode 77 brought TJ Meloy back to the show as TJ, Allison, and Brian all had recently picked up Android devices, and talked a little Talk Back and their initial thoughts. Full disclaimer, none of us are still using our Android phones now.

Episode 78 was another demo episode as Brian did a demo of the fantastic item chooser on the Mac along with a demo of the improved dictation.

Episode 80 brought Liz Gutman to the show, Head Writer of Audio Description for IDC.

Episode 81 brought YouTube’s The Blind Life Sam Seavey to the show.

Episode 83 brought the recently rewired not retired Larry Goldberg formerly of Yahoo to the podcast.

Episode 84 brought friend of the podcast Joe Steinkamp back for a recap of Google IO.

Episode 85 had us venture a little out of the tech arena and ask the question, do blind people dream?

Episode 86 was our annual review of WWDC, and we were so thrilled and excited as the Geek was back for Apple Watch.

Episode 87 brought the CEO of the Miami Lighthouse, Virginia Jaco back to the show along with Jorge Hernandez.

Episode 88 was a demo of how to transfer music playlists  from one streaming platform to another.

Episode 90 was our demo of the Echo Frames and some big announcements from Aira.

Episode 91 was another episode in our Trendsetters series with PodFather Rodney Edgar.


Episode 92 was our yearly recap of the NFB’s resolutions.

Episode 93 brought friend of the podcast, member of The All Blind Football League, and designer of our website, David Goldstein to the show.


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