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That Real Blind Tech Show

Dec 30, 2022

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show. Join us as Brian sits down with Shush Mittal and Smit Patel the creators and developers behind the upcoming Celeste Smart Glasses coming in 2023.


Brian is very excited for the release of these smart glasses that have partnered with Seeing AI. Shush starts off describing what the Celeste Smart Glasses will be able to do and tells us about how the guys came up with the concept of the glasses.


The guys explain what the main differences are between the Celeste Frames and the Envision AI glasses. And we talk about their very affordable price point of $700 US.


We then discuss the question on everyone’s mind, how will people be able to see what I am seeing?


To make a deposit so you can be among the first people to receive the celeste Smart Glasses please visit here, and to learn more about the glasses click here.


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