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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jan 27, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show. Ed and Brian welcome Nefertiti Matos Olivares to the show. Not only is Nefertiti a fellow blind New Yorker, she works in one of our favorite industries, Audio Description.


We start off discussing one of the many hats Nefertiti wears, that of a Cultural Accessibility Consultant, and find out what the role involves. Nefertiti then tells us about a few of the museums in New York City that the blind and visually impaired can go to and put their hands on some of the exhibits.


Nefertiti then gives us a little of her background story about her vision loss, and early life.


Next we discuss Nefertiti’s time working at the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library. And it’s ironic timing as Brian will be leading an iOS Question and Answer this Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 2pm Eastern time. If you would like to attend you can join here.


We then dive in to how Nefertiti got in to working in Audio Description Narration. We find out what recording that first Audio Described track was like, and how she came up with her workflow. We find out how someone builds a career in Audio Description Narration.


Nefertiti then tells us about her role as a Workflow Manager for Quality and Inclusion for Descriptive Video Works.


Which leads us to discussing the Social Audio Description collective, and what their goals are.


We then discuss the ACB’s Audio Description Awards which Nefertiti was the Co-Host for, and actually the Audio Description Narrator live from 30 Rock in NYC.


After a little Will Smith fun, we discuss more of Nefertiti’s current work at Descriptive Video Works.


Nefertiti then explains what ADForward is, and surprise surprise we are on their Mastodon server. We then find out a little about Mastodon as the newish or new to us social network makes our heads want to spin.


And of course it is more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


You can keep up with all things Nefertiti on Twitter  and Linkedin.


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