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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 5, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show as Allison, Brian, and Jeanine are together to discuss the latest tech and AI headlines.


We kick the show off discussing why in the world you would want to use a physical pass key. Then move on to discuss the recently released Victor Reader Stream 3.


Is Tick Tock really a threat to the United States national security?


Starting later this month Ring Alarm will require a subscription for basic features users have been getting for free for years.


Are you interested in a brand new Twitter?


And you are not going to believe what Apple is rumored to be doing with USBc.


And it’s the hottest thing since Clubhouse, but Chat GPT is all the rage these days, but will these AI bots be the end of modern civilization as we know it? And we are sure they are not the first, but Cnet has begun mass layoffs after it leaked that their writers got stupid and lazy and used Chat GPT to write their articles. And it’s not just the Journalism world that has been affected by Chat GPT, as the Literary world is now on high alert to ai written stories.


And if you think Chat GPT is terrifying, they ain’t got nothing on what Eleven Lab Synthesized Voices can become. So what we’re basically saying is we’re all screwed!


Open AI is now making Chat GPT available to third parties. Oh boy get ready for the ride.


Microsoft Windows 11 Preview Editions have introduced new ai features to Bing and Edge, and the next Windows 11 update will come with a bunch of new features for iOS. Phone Link if accessible could be the most exciting feature to come to Windows in years.


We then take a little departure from discussing tech to discuss a few things that we each individually have difficulty with because of our blindness.


And it’s more of Watcha Ya Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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