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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 13, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show. Brian and Ed welcome in Justin Yarbrough from Deque Systems. Justin will be presenting at this year’s all virtual Axe-Con taking place on March 15 and 16th. You can register to attend the conference here.


We kick the interview off learning a little bit about Justin’s backstory. Justin then explains to us what he does at Deque Systems as an Accessibility Consultant.


Justin tells us a little about his presentation at this year’s Axe-Con. His presentation will be on the second day of the all virtual conference on March 16th and will be about working in Digital Accessibility with a disability.


Justin explains to us what he enjoys about working in digital accessibility, and walks us a little through Deque’s testing philosophy.


We then get Justin’s advice for anyone looking to get in to the field of Digital Accessibility, and learn about Deque University.


Next we dive into Justin’s role as an advocate for the blind, as Justin has written a few articles about the   on board flight entertainment systems and accessibility issues specifically focused on United Airlines.


We discuss the current state of web accessibility and what is wrong with it. We get Justin’s thoughts on what you should do if you come across a website or app with accessibility issues.


Justin then tells us about his go to tech products.


Make sure to tune in to Axe-Con on Thursday, March 16th to hear Justin’s presentation, and you can keep up with Justin on Twitter at @FatElvis04 and on his website.


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