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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 19, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show. Brian and Ed welcome Mike Walsh, Founder of Flight For Sight to the show.


We kick things off discussing Mike’s back story being diagnosed with Usher’s Syndrome in his twenties, and how Ushers began to change his life in his thirties. The three of us then compare notes about when we put the car keys down for the last time.


We then dive in to a topic we never ever thought we would discuss on That Real Blind Tech Show, professional mascots, as Mike was a professional mascot for ten years. We get the low down on the San Diego Chicken and Philly Fanatic, and Ed outs himself about a high school job he had.


Mike then tells us about traveling the world with low vision in 2014, and how his experiences led to him founding Flight For Sight. A couple of his highlights include traveling to Ethiopia and attending South by Southwest not in Ethiopia.


Mike then hits Brian up with a question, what is preventing Brian from traveling these days.


We then dive in to what Flight For Sight is all about and start discussing the current $10,000 grant give aways they are running for blind and visually impaired people to travel all over the world. Make sure to visit their website. We discuss the application process and how the grant winners will be selected.


Want to apply for the grant, but having trouble getting started with your own travel idea, why not visit Flight For Sight’s idea page.


Michael then informs us about who is eligible to apply for the grants, and what requirements are needed to prove that you are eligible. We then find out how the grant winners will be selected.


The deadline to get your application in for a Flight For Sight $10,000 travel grant is May 1, 2023, so get cracking on your applications!


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