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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 23, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show. Allison, Brian, Jeanine, and Bryan Wolynski get together to discuss the latest tech news and recap this year’s CSUN Conference.


We kick things off discussing Senator Markey’s call for Elon Musk to bring back Twitter’s accessibility team.


Next we discuss the huge announcement out of Be My Eyes that they are using Chat GPT4 to help create an all new Virtual Volunteer.


Chat GPT4 has been released with a lot of improvements. And we discuss the former Siri Engineer who explains why Siri sucks so bad.


We then continue our conversation from two episodes ago about Eleven Labs Voice Cloning, and Jeanine got very creative with it.


Apple is specifically working on a AR/VR headset to help people with vision issues.


Both Bryan Wolynski and Jeanine attended this year’s CSUN, we have them recap the most interesting things they saw and heard at this year’s conference. They tell us about this year’s turnout compared to the past couple of years. Jeanine gives us some ideas that CSUN could adopt to make the conference even more inclusive. Bryan then tells us about his presentation at CSUN about Assistive Technology Interventions  and the research he has been conducting. And we hear about some of the more interesting topics of conversations that were being discussed at CSUN.


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