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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 14, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show as the whole gang is back together for the first time in awhile. We allow you behind the curtain as we leave in some of our pre-show recording as we discuss food delivery services and tipping.


Allison then hits us with an absolute shocker during our intros.


Once we finally get going we start off discussing the strange story where in Houston Apple’s Find My keeps sending people to the same dudes house.


Next up we discuss Brian discussing the Be My Eyes Virtual Volunteer beta on NPR. Followed by the article about MuskButt and several other people in the technology field calling for a slow down of advancements in A.I. 


While the big announcement came after we recorded as HBOMax and Discovery will launch as just Max on May 23rd, we wonder if we are panicking to be worried about the apps accessibility and audio description continuing in the new app. Here are all the big announcements.


The FBI has once again warned the public not to use public charging stations for fear of juice jacking. Who the heck knew it was called juice jacking?


Brian has finally installed Mac OS Ventura on his main 2020 iMac so we discuss our thoughts of how VoiceOver is running on Mac OS 13.3. We then discuss the VoiceOver and Siri improvements that showed up in iOS 16.4.


We then discuss how badly the ADA is in need of a digital update. We discuss some of the fun we have each had recently trying to use government websites.


This then leads us to a discussion about whether or not disabled people can expect to have privacy anymore if they want access to information.


We then discuss the recent NY Times article called I Went Blind and I Found It Strangely Exhilarating. Because the Times is behind the paywall we could not post a link to this article, but if you Google The NY Times and Found Going Blind Exhilarating you can get access to the article.


And it’s more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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