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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 17, 2023

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show. On this episode it’s Brian and just his gal pals, Allison and Jeanine.


We start off discussing the in product for this summer, blow up hot tubs.


We then begin talking about what else, but A.I., and how in a few years we may be able to talk to and understand what animals are saying.


With everything being A.I. focused these days, is Apple being left behind?


WhatsApp may be leaving Britain due to a new Online Safety Bill.


Twitter has a new C.E.O. Does it matter at all?


Castro has had its share of backwards accessibility lately. One of us is done with the player, so we discuss what podcast players we are currently using.


Brian discusses his meeting with the OkO - A.I. Co-pilot For the Blind  developers.


Allison and Jeanine let us know if snooping on your significant others phone is ever ok.


Amazon is working on a new Rosey the Robot with A.I.


Even though none of us are Android users we discuss some of the announcements that came out of Google IO. We discuss that Google plans to super charge search and what the heck this even means. Is Google search reverting back to Ask Jeeves? Google announced the new Pixel Fold, only problem is it still runs Android. Google says it will be rolling out passkeys for a passwordless future. Google announced a re-entry in to the tablet market with the Google tablet and dock, does anyone care?


We do our annual look back on WWDC and discuss what we were excited about, and what we are actually still using that was announced last year. We start off discussing Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to the iPad, deal or no deal. We actually got new hardware at last year’s WWDC and two of us bought one of them. We discuss the new locked screen and the introduction of the dynamic island. They actually claimed at WWDC 22 that Siri was going to get smarter. Wow, they ruined it when iOS 16 launched. We also got the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra. The Mac was suppose to get improved continuity, we don’t think this worked out to well. Other things mentioned at last year’s WWDC StageTime, Free Form, App Windows, and PassKeys. Jeanine and Allison talk about how much they are enjoying Live text.


Brian then discusses the new keyboard he got the protoArc Foldable Multi-Device full keyboard with NumPad. Brian also got his first Apple Air Tag as they were on sale, but outside of traveling, he has no clue what to do with it.


And it’s more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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