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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jan 18, 2021

Welcome in to the first all new bigger and better That Real Blind Tech Show of 2021. Because three is never a crowd, we welcome in our new Co-Host. You will have to listen to find out who it is, but it is definitely someone that a lot of our listeners are familiar with. Drone racing, is this straight out of Star Wars or Gamblers Anonymous? It’s only January, but it’s never to early for Apple rumors. A $50 pair of clip ons can turn any pair of glasses in to ear buds. We highly recommend the Just Watch app, an app that will tell you where any movie or TV show is streaming on all of the streaming services you are subscribed to. Could spatial audio be coming to Netflix for Air Pod Pro’s and Max users? It’s then on to our coverage of this years Consumer Electronics Show. Brian learns some times when accessibility gets broken its best to think before tweeting. Is the mainstream really that concerned with accessibility? Will a more virtual work force mean more professional level jobs for people with disabilities? We then have a review of our experience with the new Arm based Mac Book Pro, well at least one of us has one of them. Of course after recording, news broke that Apple may be releasing a new version of the Mac Book Pro later this year without the stupid Touch Bar, so I am sure we will be discussing this in a future episode. Samsung has introduced a new line of TV sets with quite a slew of accessibility features, which then led us to discuss our current TV’s and their accessibility. Then it is on to a discussion of WiFi 6 and routers. And of course it’s more of Whatcha Streaming, Whatcha Reading.

Articles Discussed IN This Episode.
1. Draft Kings announces it will soon allow betting on Drone Races.
2. A 6th Generation iPad mini may be coming in March.
3. A $50 pair of Clip Ons can turn any pair of glasses in to Ear Buds.
4. The Just Watch App in the iTunes Store. Find where any movie or TV Show is streaming.
5. Netflix is reportedly testing spatial audio for Air Pods.
6. Samsung 2021 TVs are offering a slew of accessibility options.

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