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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 4, 2024

It’s an all new extra extra big That Real Blind Tech show as it’s our 2024 CSUN recap episode. It is so big that we have the ladies Jeanine and Allison recording with friend of the podcast David Goldstein and because someone who edits the show got sick we then have Brian and Ed recapping CSUN as well. It all comes together in one giant Kumbaya podcast episode for your listening pleasure.


Jeanine starts out discussing the announcements made by Aira at this year’s CSUN. We’ll give you a clue it has something to do with A.I.


And because Brian and Ed were not here yet, Allison, David , and Jeanine then discuss the braille with a lower case b keyboards announced at this year’s CSUN.


We then cut to our main men on the ground at CSUN for their insights in to everything they experienced first hand at this year’s CSUN.


Brian and Ed start off discussing a recent article by a man who is losing his vision that appeared in the Atlantic, and they could not disagree with the article more. They then discuss the upcoming release of David Kingsbury third edition of the Windows Screen Reader Primer. And then discuss the upsetting news about VoiceDream Reader moving to a monthly subscription model even if you have bought a lifetime license.


Mike Buckley then pops by to discuss the latest announcements coming out of Be My A.I.


Brian and Ed discuss the multiple cocktail hours they hit at CSUN, OKO, the new Guidance Guidance System, Celeste Glasses, Enivision AI, Vispero, Deque, WeWalk Cane, Fa Fable,  Stevie Wonder, Irish Car Bombs, Google Suite, and much more that they experienced in person at CSUN.



It’s then back to the ladies and David for some more banter and more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.