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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 14, 2024

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech show minus one Ed as he is sick again, but the rest of the gang is here and well.


We kick things off discussing the eclipse because why wouldn’t we? We then discuss the death of O.J. Simpson, again because why wouldn’t we?


We then dive in to the tech news and start off discussing the conclusion to the VoiceDream Reader controversy and how the blindness community responded to it.


And our new favorite term, Subscription Creep has hit 2/3 of Americans. 


Early reviews of the Smart A.I. Humane Pin have not been good or kind. Will the Rabbit R1 be everything we were hoping the Humane A.I. Pin was going to be?


Microsoft is annoying users with a full screen pop up to upgrade to Windows 11 even if your machine cannot update to Windows 11.


Well everyone on That Real Blind Tech show except Brian knew that their iPhone had a secret code scanner app. Who knew? Is the Apple Vision Pro the most underwhelming Apple Product ever and are we still excited about it? Even with Apple Vision Pro being a swing and a miss for us we are still hopeful for Apple Glasses eventually. Is your Apple Watch suffering from Ghost Touch? Why has Apple paid millions to Shutter Stock to help train its Generative A.I. Program? Apple is planning a big M4 Mac update for A.I., ugh. And because WWDC is only two months away we decided to discuss some of the hottest iOS 18 rumors.


And as usual we get sidetracked and start talking about the A.I. app Pi. Which then leads us in to a conversation of will A.I. be revolutionary for screen reader users and accessibility? Only problem with all of this is that under a newly proposed law A.I. companies will have to fess up on what they are using to train their A.I. models before releasing them.


We then discuss the upcoming conference for VizWiz that Brian will be speaking at and recall the history of Vizwiz. Which then leads us down memory lane of all the computer vision apps that have come and gone over the years.


And it’s more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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