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That Real Blind Tech Show

Feb 4, 2021

We start off the latest podcast with a talk about monkeys and forced labor. Yes, monkeys and forced labor. Alexa Guard is almost here, but is Alexa barking like a dog to scare possible intruders and always listening, a good thing? Congress is working on introducing the Access Affordability Act, but is it enough? CBS All access will be rebranding to paramount TV Plus, who wants to bet on its accessibility?
We then welcome to the podcast, Comedian Shaun Eli. We walk through the early days of Brian and Shaun performing at open mics, the difference between doing stand-up before an American audience compared to an International audience, and then dive in to the project Shaun and Brian recently completed, making all of Shaun’s websites screen reader accessible. Shaun then lets us know what it is like to perform stand up comedy over Zoom definitely a lot different than performing at the clubs.  
To learn more about Shaun, subscribe to his weekly email joke list, and see him live once the world gets back to performing live comedy please visit    
After our interview with Shaun, it’s on to a conversation about the latest iOS 14.4 update and Braille displays. Even though iOS 14.4 just dropped, iOS 14.5 coming this Spring will be the big daddy privacy update. Do you care if your apps are ad targeting you? It’s the long awaited return of What’s Pissing Off Brian, now with theme music! And more of Watcha Streaming, Whatcha Reading.
Articles discussed In This Episode
1. Target pulls Coconut Milk brand after monkey forced labor accusations
2. Alexa Guard’s new trick will be to bark like a dog to scare off intruders
3. Access Affordability Act
4. CBS All Access to relaunch as Paramount TV Plus
5. APH for the Blind Braille Displays and iOS 14.4 Issues
6. iOS 14.5 will be bringing big privacy changes
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