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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 13, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Virginia Jacko, CEO and President of the Miami Lighthouse International to the That Real Blind Tech show virtual studio. Virginia walks us through the history of the Miami Lighthouse, her day to day responsibilities as the 

CEO and President, and how the Miami Lighthouse has been providing services to its community throughout the pandemic. Virginia then walks us through the Inclusive Early  Child Education Program. And then because it is not always about the children, Virginia informs us what the Miami Lighthouse is doing to help visually impaired seniors book those vaccination appointments. We then discuss the state of web accessibility in 2021, and we include a discussion about the hot topic of web accessibility plug in’s. And of course it would not be 2021 if we did not cover distant learning!


To learn more about the programs and services the Miami Lighthouse offers click here.    


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