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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 19, 2021


The full gang is back together for a full styling and profiling episode. Wait, are we allowed to say profiling anymore, we do not mean it in a bad way! We kick off the episode discussing the potential password management system that could be coming to a Netflix near you. Time Warner is on the clock, or should we say the clock is ticking down to March 31, the date by which Time Warner stated it plans to release 1500 hours of Audio Described content, including HBOMax. Will they make it? Then on to a discussion about what Aira is doing to help Explorers get some Covid related help. We then discuss an interesting new app the three of us have been testing out on our iPhones called web audio news. It is a news app where the news is read to you and if you would like to beta test the app, send an email to


Apple hit us with some big news, the Apple HomePod now sleeps with the fishes! Will there be a portable Sonos in any of our pads soon as Sonos announced the Sonos Roam coming in April. CSUN 2021, came and went, did it actually happen? We then dive in to a conversation about Audio Social Networks and discuss Clubhouse the hottest thing to hit the blindness community since? Well, you will have to listen to the episode to get the answer.


Blow out the candles  as we celebrate the 32 year anniversary for the World Wide Web and discuss our thoughts after a year of pandemic living.


And of course it is more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now, and Watcha Streaming, Watch Reading!


Articles Discussed In This Episode 

1. Netflix might finally be cracking down on password sharing

2.     Apple discontinues the original HomePod.

3. Five reasons the original HomePod Failed.

4. New Sonos Roam coming in April.

5. Twitter Spaces is coming in April.



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