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That Real Blind Tech Show

Mar 31, 2021


Brian and Ed are back in their socially distanced podcast bunkers of choice where we discuss how in the world a ship could clog up the Suez Canal. It is not a laughing matter, but seriously it is. Facebook is testing a new app called ReEntry, no it is not for astronauts re-entering the atmosphere. Audio Description has arrived on HBOMax on iOS devices. They made the deadline! We discuss the new improved accessibility to the HBOMax iOS app, and how to get Audio Description to play for a title that has it. If you would like to see the current list of all of HBOMax’s Audio Described titles compiled by the ACB’s Audio Description Project click here


We are then joined by Para-Olympian Henry McKeller to discuss his training for the upcoming Para-Olympic games. This is an interview you will not want to miss!


Did you know that if you have an Amazon account, well then you have a public profile that anyone can see? Well, you do now! We then correct our statement about Aira as you do not need to be an Aira Explorer to take advantage of their 30 minute Covid Help promotion, and you guessed it, we fired the intern who gave us the incorrect information.


We discuss follow up from the developer of the app Web Audio News we have been beta testing. If you would like to beta test this news app, please send an email to


And it’s the introduction to a new segment, What’s Making Brian Laugh, as you ever get the feeling that you are the only one not suing Apple? We discuss FlickType formally known as Fleksy, the typing app that totally screwed the blindness community suing Apple for fraud. And if you were sitting at your computer waiting for the March 23rd Apple event, you may have been part of Apple going all 1960’s FBI.


And of course, it is more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now, and Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


Articles Discussed In This Episode 

1. Ship blocking the Suez Canal could cause havoc for consumers.





2. Facebook is testing out a new app to help prisoners re-entering society.

3. HBO Max rolls out Audio Description.

4. Did you know that you have a public Amazon profile?

5. FlickType sues Apple for fraud.

6. Apple’s misinformation campaign


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