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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 9, 2021

It is a fully crewed fully packed virtual self distanced That Real Blind Tech show studio, as the entire gang is back together again.


We  start off with the ancient philosophers question of how stupid are sighted people when it comes to blindness? We then dive in to the sale of Yahoo Fantasy and what it means for the future of the accessibility for the app. Believe it or not but it seems like Uber drivers have found a new way to attempt to complicate the lives of blind guide dog handlers.


Who has the better nickname, Steve Jobs for Facebook or That Real Blind Tech Show for Mark Zuckerberg?


Hungary for dinner? Why not have an Aira agent help you with your order?


Because we do not have enough to worry about in the world these days, researchers have added something to the plate for anyone who gets rid of an old phone number. Have Audio social media apps already jumped the shark? In case they have not, we discuss our first experiences with Twitter Spaces.


Then because it is not about Brian all the time, we get Ed and Allison’s thoughts about iOS14.5. If you could have any celebrity voice as your VoiceOver voice, who would it be?


Apple is rumored to be offering a Lossless audio service coming soon, would you subscribe to it? In a not so distant future Apple is rumored to be working on Apple Glass which will have a brightness adjusting feature that we ponder if it will be helpful to visually impaired people?


Digital Spring Time cleaning is it just for lunatics?


If you have not checked recently, Pages for iOS has become a full blown very accessible word processor on iOS. It even has keyboard commands galore.


And it is more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and an absolute classic Watcha Streaming Watcha Reading that goes completely off the rails and is a must hear!.


To contact That Real Blind Tech Show, you can email us at, join our Facebook Group That Real Blind Tech Show, join us on the Twitter @BlindTechShow , or leave us an old school phone message at 929-367-1005.


Articles Discussed IN This Episode

1. Verizon sells Yahoo for half of what they paid for it. 

2. Steve Jobs once referred to Facebook as Fecibook. VoiceOver users are going to want to spell that one out by character. 

3. Researchers say your old phone number could get you hacked.

4. Clubhouse app downloads are already on a massive decline.

5. Twitter Spaces is here for those with 600 plus followers.

6. Facebook is asking users to allow ad tracking to help keep it free.

7. iOS 14.5 has broken Apple’s own podcast plater.

8. Apple may launch a lossless streaming service in weeks.

9. Apple glass could adjust brightness to make it more useful.