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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 23, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Legendary Comedian, actor, singer, and 13 time performer at Laugh For Sight Robert Klein in to the That Real Blind Tech show podcast bunker.


We ask Robert how he has been getting by without being on stage and if this is the longest he has gone in his professional life without being on a stage.


We discuss Robert’s experiences in the movie Hooper, Burt Reynolds, and being down South.


Robert tells us what he enjoys most about being on stage in front of a live audience. Robert walks us through what it is like to be on a weekly sitcom, and what goes on behind the scenes each day.


Robert takes us back to his first Broadway show, Apple Tree with Alan alda and Barbara Harris. He walks us through working with Madeline Kahn. We ask Robert what it was like being around Rodney Dangerfield  and Richard Pryor.


Robert discusses his first talk show, Comedy Tonight with us and how the networks would sensor political talk. He then walks us through his very first HBO Comedy special which was the very first comedy special ever aired on Home Box Office.


The conversation then turns to audio description because after all we are That Real Blind Tech show!


Brian then asks Robert for a few words about some of his scene partners from the infamous Saturday Night Live sketch Cheesebuga Cheesebuga.


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