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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 31, 2021

Brian and Ed are joined in the That Real Blind Tech Show virtual studio by Jeanine Stanley, pinch hitting for Allison.


Because it could only happen in 2021, we start off discussing a man being killed by a dinosaur, yes, a dinosaur! IBM has created an app to help blind people stand in line and socially distant, but will it see the light of day before the next pandemic?


We are still two and a half years away from 2024, well two of us are still two and a half years away. According to a recent study by 2024, the average American will be subscribed to five streaming services. Are you ahead of the curve?


We discuss the new Apple TV Siri Remote, and how in the world does the VoiceOver rotor work on it. Then we move on to Apple Lossless music, not Loseless, and how in the world you can listen to it.


Apple versus Epic has wrapped, and we give our thoughts about the biggest things to come out of the case. Creating strong passwords with iCloud Keychain, do you trust it?


Apple has finally fixed the contextual menu, right mouse click in the dock. VO Shift M is once again working in the dock in Big Sur. Also if you know a way to stop making Mac OS Big Sur sound like a pinball machine, we want to know, email us in with the solution.


We then discuss focus issues in Facebook, Slack, and Google docs. Remember on the Mac, the item chooser is your friend. We dive in to the announcements that Apple made on Global Accessibility Day, #GAD.


We discussSiri Shortcuts, the only downfall of them is you still need to remember what you have named them for them to actually work! 


We then discuss the hottest thing to hit the blindness community since Clubhouse, the P4. Brian then discusses what he likes and dislikes about the new iPad Pro and magic keyboard. 


And of course it is more of What’s Pissing Off Brian and Watcha Streaming, Watcha reading.


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