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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jun 20, 2021

Brian is back once again flying solo for another demo, this time he will be demoing three new products from Satechi. With Amazon Prime Day starting in a few hours, some of Satechi’s products may be on sale on Amazon. If not, you can buy these products directly from Satechi, and they often have sales on these items. 


First up is a brand new bluetooth keyboard Satechi just release, the Slim X2 Bluetooth keyboard.


The second Satechi product discussed in the newly released 5 in 1 stand and hub for iPad Pro.


The third and final product reviewed by Satechi is a 5 in 1 Charging Station Dock with two USBc ports, two USBa ports, and a wireless charging pad. This product has been lowered to $47.99 already from its initial $60 price.


Happy hunting on Amazon Prime Day!




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