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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jun 26, 2021

Wait for it, wait for it, the gang is back together for the first time in awhile.


We start off discussing a recent petition started in England demanding that all content aired and streamed provide audio description. You can sign the petition here. We then discuss a bill being drafted before the U.S. Congress to make it easier to cancel those pesky renewal subscriptions.


Peacock TV finally comes to Fire sticks, but will it be accessible? If you are not an Apple TV Plus fan, make sure to double check when your subscription ends, as many people will start paying for the service on July 1. Facebook has begun to roll out Live Audio Rooms, but is it to late for them to get in on the Audio Social Media game?


We then tackle all the announcements coming out of Microsoft about Windows 11 arriving later this year. Android apps will be coming to PCs. One of us is not thrilled about all of the choices we will have, can you guess who?Windows 11 Home will require an internet connection and Microsoft account to install, could this be an issue for screen reader users The one word missing from the entire Microsoft keynote was Skype, did anyone miss it?? With Skype down and out, Microsoft Teams will now be integrated throughout the windows 11 operating system. Are the days about freaking out about the mention of an all new And will iMessages finally be coming to the PC?  gone?


Prime Day has come and gone, we recap what we purchased this year. Brian got a new battery pack he highly recommends and can be found on Amazon here. Brian is also a fan of the new lighting cable in a keychain and you can check out this product here.


We dive in to a little talk about the beta for iOS 15 as two of us have been running it on our devices. 


And if you have not experienced Spatial Audio yet, run to your nearest Apple store to get a pair of Air Pod Pros or Maxes because it is freaking mind blowing!


There’s no What’s Pissing Off Brian this show, but of course some hilarity ensues in place of it, and it is more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading!




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