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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jul 4, 2021

Allison and Brian present another in our Trendsetters series  as they welcome Sir David Woodbridge in to the That Real Blind Tech show virtual studio. For those of you who follow assistive technology, David Woodbridge needs no introduction, so we have a little fun with our intro.


We find out was David a techie before he went blind, and what his first introduction to screen readers were. We discuss our different approaches to inaccessible design.


Being a Mac guy does David ever find himself running back to Windows to perform any tasks? Even though David is a Mac guy, he has had some early exposure to the Windows beta 11 preview, and he gives us a little sneak peak to it.


We then discuss David’s role at Vision Australia, and how he landed there. Along with David’s first experience with an iPhone.


We go through David’s office tech gadgets aka The Boys Play Room, and find out if David ever wants to go back to working out of an office.


We delve in to podcast studio mishaps, because it happens.


We find out what David enjoys about enlightening someone who is new to blindness.


Would you believe that David likes to pull people’s leg? You will after you hear his stories of house and car hunting! The conversation then turns to a cure for blindness, do we need it, no, would we take one, heck yes.


We then find out what David likes most about getting to test out new technologies, and the frustration about new products arriving later in Australia then they do in the United States and other parts of the world. 


David’s podcast ISee Using Various Technologies From A Blind Person’s Perspective just past the one million download mark. We ask David how he got in to podcasting, what the early days were like, and what he hopes people take away from his podcast. 


We finish with getting Watcha streaming Watcha Reading David Woodbridge version.


You can keep up with David by listening to his podcasts and following him on Twitter at @dwoodbridge.





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