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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jul 11, 2021

It’s another spectacularly awesome That Real Blind Tech show demo. Brian flying solo as he demos the HBO Max iOS app accessibility along with how to play Audio Description.


Brian walks you through the Home screen of the app, how to get audio description playing, how to add titles to my list, heading navigation of the app, and the design quirks to finding my list. He also walks you through the search functionality of the app


Brian then walks you through the Apple TV app and how to make use of the continue watching feature with HBO Max and other applications. He then demonstrates how to move around to different seasons and episodes for a tV series. He then explores the library tab where all of the movies and TV Shows you have purchased through iTunes are located. 


Brian finishes showing you how to search for a movie if you are uncertain where it may be streaming through the Apple TV app.



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