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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jul 16, 2021

The entire gang is back together again in their cardboard basements of choice. 


We start off discussing the Linuk Foundations launching an open voice network to build an industry wide standard. Leakers are reporting that Lidar will only be available on the iPhone Pro 13 models. Will that affect your decision?


We have told you multiple times to never ever quote That Real Blind Tech Show, well now you may never ever want to quote Mashable, as they get things wrong to! They claim Spatial Audio will not work on the iPhone SE, but it indeed does. Verizon customers can now enjoy numbers attempting to spoof theirs being blocked.


The NFB has wrapped its 2021 National Conference. We start off our recap discussing the impressive Crowd Compass app that was used for this year’s conference.  Allison and Brian then discuss their take aways from the sessions and exhibitors that caught their attention. They were both really impressed with everything Amazon had to discuss. 


We include a sample of text to speech audio description and a little error that TTS can make. 


We then dive in to reviewing this year’s NFB Resolutions, and amazingly we agree with almost all of them. 


Since we last recorded Allison made the jump to a new Smart Speaker setup. She has joined the Sonos ecosystem after hearing a phenomenal demo The Ultimate Sonos demo. We wonder where she heard it? We then discuss setting up the Eero Mesh Router network, while fully accessible, you can encounter some fun if you previously have both a 5G and 2G network. 


Your VoiceMails can now be heard on That Real Blind Tech Show. We got a great call about our review of the Saetchi Multi-Device keyboard. A listener suggests the Mathias Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard which sounds fantastic despite only a 3.7 review on Amazon.


And it’s the return of What’s Pissing Brian Off and more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading!





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