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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 4, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Carl Richardson, Co-Chair of the Audio Description Project for the American Council of the Blind to the show. We start off discussing how Carl came to be at the ADP and what his role is  at the ADp.


We then discuss the panel that Carl moderated at this year’s ACB National Conference on Audio Description. All 8 major streaming services were represented on the panel about Audio Description.


We then discuss some of Carl’s favorite features of Audio Description, and the age old question with Audio Description should the describer describe it before or after it happens?


Carl and Brian then share some of their more interesting experiences with Audio Description at the movie theater. What’s a movie theater? It’s a big room where people used to conjugate to all watch the same movie at the same time, but that’s not important right now.




Just like us, Carl is also a podcaster. Carl’s podcast Picture This is all about audio description, and you can subscribe to it here.


We then discuss some of the various ways for you to get audio Described content, as there are so many ways to access this content these days.


The conversation then turns to the controversial topic of Text to Speech Audio Description. . 


We also discuss what to do when your local Network affiliate breaks audio description being passed through. And if you have had it with cable make sure to read Carl’s excellent article about cutting the cord which can be found here.


For any and all your questions about audio description, find out what is playing on Network TV with audio description, find out what is streaming where with audio description, and pretty much find anything about audio description in the universe please visit the Audio Description Project.


You can find the full ACB 21 Audio Description Project session that Carl moderated with the 8 major streaming services here.





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