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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 18, 2021

Demo Month continues as Brian walks you through another fully accessible Fantasy Football game. This time he is doing a demo of the fantastic fully new accessible Underdog Fantasy. Underdog Fantasy offers Best Ball contests along with weekly one day daily contests where you can draft a new team each week.


Best Ball fantasy football has become all the rage the past few years, as the game is also known as set it and forget it. With Best Ball Fantasy Football, once the draft is completed, there is no week  to week management for your team. What you start with is what you finish with. You can check in as often as you like to see your team move up the standings. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins the pot.



Brian walks you through the layout of the Underdog Fantasy app. He demonstrates how to enter a contest, add players to your queue, re-order players in your queue to your liking, and walks you through how to organize your pre-draft rankings for faster contests.





Brian then dives in to Underdog fantasy on their website.


On the website you will see additional fantastic accessibility navigation methods you can use such as heading navigation, use of the web rotor, and item chooser Additionally, you will get to hear some specific help tags specifically built in to Underdog Fantasy’s website for screen reader users. .


Brian walks you through removing a player from your queue of preferred players, walks you through how to reorder your preferred player list, and how to pre-rank your players on the website.


On a very sad note, neither Ezekiel Elliott or Tyree Hill made it to Brian when it was his next turn to pick.


Please make sure to tweet Underdog fantasy thanking them for their fantastic accessibility improvements on the Twitter at @UnderdogFantasy





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