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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 26, 2021

The gang is back together in full for the first time since Butch and Sundance last rode together, and we start off with a little fun, or well, at least letting you see behind the curtain of what takes place prior to us hitting that record button.




Once we get rambling, we start off discussing the mass exodus of stylists from Stitch Fix. Don’t always just read a headline, as the article may be completely different than the headline!




The U.S. government will be streamlining the process supposedly to make it easier for people with severe and permanent disabilities to have their student loans forgiven when they have been unable to find employment.


Netflix has begun rolling out Spatial Audio to Air Pod Pros near you.s


We live in a very different scary world today when Facebook needs to block friend lists of people in Afghanistan. On an unrelated note, China has passed the world’s strictest data privacy law. And in the final article from our international tech segment we discuss Russia demanding that Apple remove an Opposition Party’s app from its App Store.


We suggest making use of Aira to help store your proof of vaccination, we discuss an article about the way the mainstream has been digitally doing this.


With so much news everywhere these days, we thought it would be a good time to review some of our favorite news apps. Honestly, there really isn’t anymore news today than there was yesterday! 


Apple rumored to be hosting multiple events in September to announce new products. We guess that means more episodes of That Real Blind Tech Show. It was a good thing that Ed was here so he could explain to us why Apple’s CSAM system is extremely dangerous and will kill us all!


Flick Type keyboard for the Blind sleeps with the fishes and the developer blames Apple.


Several iOS 15 features will not be ready for launch day.


And its the return of What’s Pissing Off Brian and more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.



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