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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 16, 2020

Join Ed and Brian for a discussion about all the latest announcements from Apple, social distance style. Bose Frames gives us the all new Sopranos. Yes, your weather app is spying on you. AT&T will now let its customers make phone calls through their Alexa devices, is this really needed? Then it is on to the Apple keynote for October, er, we mean September. Hey who knows what month or day it is anymore. Ugh, no iPhones mentioned at this event. Two new Apple Watches including the launch of the Apple Watch SE. Then one of us learns that the volume button and the power button do two completely different things. iOS 14 has most likely already dropped, will you be updating to get off of the awful iOS 13 sooner rather then later? Apple joins the bundled services game.  New low and mid range iPads. Will one be in Ed’s future?  And it would not be That Real Blind Tech Show without talk of the first week of The All Blind Football League, what’s pissing off Brian, and Whatcha streaming, whatcha reading.

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Articles Discussed in this episode
1. Bose releases the Bose Frames 2.0
2. Is Your Weather App Selling You Out?
3. AT&T subscribers can now make and receive calls through Alexa
4. iOS 14 is here will you be updating?
5. Apple introduces Service Bundles
6. Two new Apple Watches are coming
7. And what would a new product launch be without a few new iPad sizes?