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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 5, 2021

Brian welcomes in Gui Rambo the developer of AirBuddy .


We discuss what AirBuddy is, why you want it, how it will make using Apple Ecosystem Headphones work with your Mac so much smoother.


We discuss the work a developer needs to take in to consideration when designing and updating an app with accessibility in mind. We walk through some of the features to AirBuddy, and things that are on the horizon for future versions of AirBuddy.




If you would like to join the AirBuddy Beta Testing Team, please visit here.


To listen to more of Gui make sure to subscribe to the 9to5Mac podcast Stacktrace. You can follow Gui’s blog here. And on Twitter make sure to follow Gui Here.


We finish up discussing a new Buddy product that Gui is working on.


Brian then demos how to use AirBuddy with VoiceOver


To purchase AirBuddy please visit here.



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