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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 16, 2021

It’s a Super Sized gathering of the entire That Real Blind Tech Show team, as Allison, Brian, Ed, and Jeanine get together to discuss all the new Apple products.


The gang starts off talking about meeting each other in person for the first time. 


We then welcome newbies Allison and Jeanine to The All Blind Fantasy Football League and hear about their first weekend experiences. 


Amazon tried to steal Apple’s thunder a few days early as they announced a slew of new TV sets including the Series 4 and new Omni line.


On this show because we don’t care about all the fancy dance colors of the new iPhone 13, we discuss the new A15 bionic chip, and what the heck it is.  A fully loaded iPhone 13 will cost you a pretty penny or penny, or your first born, your choice. Apple finally has upgraded the base amount of storage to 128GB. James Bond would be happy to know that all iPhones will now have Duo SIM capabilities.


iOS 15 not 14 will be dropping on September 20th. Will you be installing it on opening day?


We are not sure but Brian could be the only person on the planet who is excited for the iPad mini Series 6 finally arriving on Earth. With Apple’s Centerstage camera feature coming to the newly announced iPads, now you to can roll around like a monkey and still stay in frame with the people you are speaking with!


The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced and we are pretty sure they will be bigger but not in inches in millimeters.,  The Series 7 will be getting a full on screen keyboard. Which could only mean one thing, another lawsuit against Apple by FlickType.


And with the birth of new products, it means the death of others!


And of course it’s more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and Watcha Streaming Watcha Reading. 




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