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That Real Blind Tech Show

Sep 22, 2021


Brian and Ed welcome Justin Bishop in to the That Real Blind Tech show Virtual Studio. Justin who has Retinitis Pigmentosa does not let that stand in his way as a professional Blind Skateboarder.


Justin walks us through losing his vision, and what it was like getting back on a skateboard after his vision loss.  He explains to us how he uses sound as audible markers  while skateboarding, and how he developed the cane technique he uses.


He tells us about some of the bums and bruises he has collected along the way, and some of his more humorous encounters. 




Along with being a Blind skateboarder, Justin also distills his own Whiskey. Being that both Brian and Ed are big fans of Whiskey, this caught their attention.  Justin walks us through his process and the accessibility of distilling booze.


The conversation then turns to Orcam as Justin is a big fan of the Orcam Myeye. 


We then talk Audio Description and Alt text for images, as Justin’s wife provides the Audio Description for his longer videos.


To follow Justin on his fully described Instagram page visit him here. Check out Justin’s videos here.



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