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That Real Blind Tech Show

Oct 22, 2021

The gang is fully back together after a busy weekend and start of the week to talk the latest Apple announcements and a little other tech news.


We start off discussing some changes you may or may not want to make to VoiceOver when getting a new device. And some basic maintenance you will want to do when starting with a new Apple device.


We then discuss the serious accessibility bug that has been affecting many Amazon VoiceOver users on iOS. 


 On a more positive Amazon note, Amazon music will now allow unlimited subscribers to play music with spatial audio on their headphones of choice.


NASA may not let a legally blind individual boldly go where no man has gone before, but Astro Access will!


In the dumbest news of the week, Facebook is rumored to be changing their corporate name. We speculate on what a few of their new names may be.


We then dive in to the latest Apple announcements. We start off discussing the newly announced Mac Book Pros. Here’s a comparison of all Mac Book M1 Pros. Only Apple, after dropping two plus grand on one of these machines if you want to fast charge the 14 inch model you will need to still buy a $20 dongle. Seriously, only 11 hours of web browsing battery life on the new 14 inch model, is that enough?  Dogs and Cats everywhere rejoice, it’s the return of MagSafe charging for the new Mac Book Pros! Oops, the notch comes to the Mac Book Pros, but Apple decided to not share this with everyone in house.


Apple’s new GAM 140  Watt charger is supposedly a game changer, Ed explains to us why that is the case.


Here is a comparison of the newly announced Air Pod  3’s to the Air Pod Pros. We would highly recommend you spend the extra moola to get the Pros.


Seriously Apple, a micro fiber cloth for $19?


Apple announced a new $5 music plan, but who is it for?


The most anticipated feature of Mac OS Monterrey will not be released on release day.


Don’t go to Brazil to buy your Apple products. They’re a little expensive there.


And in some non Apple news, Google announced the Pixel 6, the prices have some of us thinking.


And it’s more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.





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