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That Real Blind Tech Show

Nov 10, 2021

Allison, Brian, and Ed welcome Jeanine and TJ Meloy in to a fully overpacked overstuffed virtual phone booth studio to discuss our experiences filming the Yahoo All Blind Football League Mini Documentary that was just released on Yahoo and Yahoo’s YouTube channel.


Before we dove in to our filming experience, we had to start off talking about a certain member of the That Real Blind Tech show Team who ended up flip flopping more times then a fat man in a water bed and now owns a new Mac Book M1 Pro. Whom, I wonder who it could be? 


That person gives us a break down of their experience with the new Mac Book Pro and their thoughts so far of the base model. We then discuss whether or not Keyboard Maestro is still a useful tool for Mac users.


We then discuss the Air Pod Maxes as one of us took the leap, and TJ chimes in with his thoughts about why he loves the Maxes almost as much as he loves Allison. 


The Bose Frames will soon have some competition as Anker will be releasing the SoundCore Frames.


Ed has been testing out the Envision AI glasses for a few days, and gives us his initial thoughts of them. 


Since our last episode iOS 15.1 has been released giving us SharePlay for some music and movies. Will any of us ever use this feature


We then dive in to why all five of us are on this episode. We wanted to share our experiences filming the Yahoo Fantasy All Blind football League Draft mini documentary which you can now view on Yahoo and the Yahoo Fantasy YouTube Channel. Here is a direct link to the mini documentary


. We discuss our experiences being on set, and our hopes for what the mini documentary may accomplish. We also discuss what it was like for all of us to finally meet in person and how having met in person, it has brought out a lot of smack talk in The All Blind football League. 





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