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That Real Blind Tech Show

Nov 26, 2021

The gang is back together to discuss the latest tech news after our two fantasy football centric episodes. Jeanine is pinch hitting for Ed, as Ed had some bad clams, and we will just leave it with that.


 We start off discussing the story that one lucky or unlucky individual can sell their face for the price of two hundred thousand dollars to be the face of PromoBot robots moving forward. If you are interested in selling your face then go here.


Sight Tech global will be December 1 and December 2, you can register for the free virtual online conference here. Friend of the podcast, Larry Goldberg and Brian will be presenting on a panel at the conference. 


Jeanine then fills us in about the Carroll Centerer Virtual Technology Fair that took place on November 23rd.


Some Tesla owners got locked out of their cars by the Tesla app, and boy did we laugh our asses off about it. HBOMax and Air Pods, Pod Pros, and Maxes are not playing nicely together, well at least for sighted people! Amazon has released a Mac stand alone app for amazon Prime, and while the design is clunky, the catalyst designed app seems accessible.


We discuss Black Friday, because some of us want things, and some of us may flip flop about what we want.  We then discuss our go to shopping apps and the state of these apps accessibility in November 2022. 


It’s the story that will not go away, Apple is on track to deliver a fully autonomous self driving car by 2025. Will this happen? What laws and regulations will need to go in to affect for a blind person to take control and get out on the road?  Apple is also bringing Do It Yourself fixes for iPhones and Macs to the masses in 2022.


With security vulnerabilities not going away, we revisit what we are doing to keep our passwords safe and unique. 


We then discuss a few new products that are actually not Apple! But of course at the end of the day, it all comes back to Apple, as Windows could potentially becoming to M1 Macs after a contract between Qualcomm and Microsoft expires. We then discuss a brilliant plug in for your Mac, VOcr. You can download it from GitHub. Here is the direct download link.


And it’s more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading. 


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