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That Real Blind Tech Show

Dec 2, 2021


It has been awhile, but once again it is Brian flying solo with a super cool super helpful super useful demo, that is basically, pretty super.


Brian will walk Mac users through using the NumPad Commander. He walks you through how to enable the NumPad commander, how to toggle it on and off, his NumPad Commands, how to customize your own NumPad commands, and shows some of the commands off in action. 


The fantastic option about making use of the NumPad commander, is you can do a lot with one hand, and you can also have hundreds of NumPad commands when you make use of the modifier keys the Zero key, Shift, Control, Option, and command. 


A possible bug with using VoiceOver single key navigation may have reared its ugly head while doing the demo as Single Key Quick Nav seems to not always work when browsing the web in OS Monterrey. Brian left this in the demo as a few days later when testing Single Key Quick Nav it failed yet again. 


Brian also will walk you through working with web spots, how to set one up, how to navigate with them, and discuss why they are so valuable. 



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