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That Real Blind Tech Show

Dec 17, 2021

Brian and Ed welcome Sina Bahram in to the Virtual That Real Blind Tech Show studio.


We find out from Sina what it is like to experience zero gravity as Sina was part of the first all disabled crew to get to experience what space flight feels like.  Sina then tells us how he got involved with Astro Access.


Sina then walks us through the age he was diagnosed with a vision issue and how it affected him growing up.


We find out how Sina got involved with coding at such a young age, and how he got his Masters in Computer Science Engineering.  Which then led to his work with museums all around the world. 


We then discuss the Aria AT Project, a project which aims to conquer the mountain known as screen reader inoperability. We discuss companies getting it right and how important it is for companies to be thinking about universal design from day one. 


The conversation then moves to accessible overlays and what a scam they are for companies trying to fix their website accessibility. To view the overlay fact sheet click here.


Make sure to keep up with Sina on Twitter and on his blog on his website.



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