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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jan 1, 2022

Brian and Ed welcome Steven Scott in to the That Real Blind Tech Show virtual studio.


We try and find out the dirt behind Steven leaving RNIB Tech Talk, and discuss his new podcast, Blind Guy Talks Tech, and what he hopes to accomplish with his new show.


Steven walks us through his early days working in radio. Yes, radio. It was a thing back then.  We find out how he went from being a rock DJ to NewsRadio to RNIB Tech Talk. 


We discuss the negativity of social media and have some fun with it. 


We then go back to the beginning and find out what caused Steven’s vision loss and how it affected him growing up.  Some how this leads to what we would be doing had we not lost our vision, and one of us wonders if it would have been a life of crime, and what prison might be like for the blind.


We then revisit the first days of RNIB Tech Talk and how it all began. We find out who was a major influence on Steven, and then move on to finding out how Double tap came to be


We discuss the synergy between Steven and his various Co-Hosts. . We also discuss how funny translates on our podcasts, and why it is so important to be real.  And of course the conversation moves towards some of our favorite feedback we have gotten over the years, and some of the more bizarre feedback.


We then discuss the AfterShockz OpenComm’s and Bose Frames.


You can keep up with Steven on   Twitter and make sure to tune in on January 10th for the launching of Steven’s all new podcast Blind Guy Talks Tech.


To contact That Real Blind Tech Show, you can email us at, join our Facebook Group That Real Blind Tech Show, join us on the Twitter @BlindTechShow , or leave us an old school phone message at 929-367-1005.