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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 8, 2022

Brian is once again flying solo for another super cool, super useful That Real Blind Tech Show demo. He has the keys to the That Real Blind Tech Show lair, and can get in it any time he chooses.


First a test as the 144th person to email us in at wins a million dollars. Full disclosure, there is absolutely nothing true about this previous statement, and no moola is being given away, just testing if you actually read the show notes as Brian mentioned on this episode.


Brian starts off demoing the item chooser on the Mac and how useful it has become in his daily workflow. He shows off the benefits of using the item chooser on the desktop and how it will not work in mail. He goes through using first letter navigation to quickly find emails, and then back to the item chooser in safari and numbers. Brian shows the difference between using the item chooser and web item rotor. 


Brian next walks you through using your Jump Command, VO J in finder windows and Mac mail. He demonstrates the issue in Mac OS Monterrey where you cannot get rid of the toolbar in finder windows or you will lose access to your side bar. Brian then shows you how to quickly add a folder to your side bar and dock as well as remove them.


Lastly, Brian shows you how to enable dictation on your Mac and gives an example of how improved dictation is on the Mac. 


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