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That Real Blind Tech Show

Apr 18, 2022

It’s an all new That Real Blind Tech Show as the gang is back together and one of us has an all new podcast lair.


We start off discussing the fun back and forth we have been having with our friends over at Blind Guy Talks Tech.


We begin our tech segment of the show discussing how Uber and Lift’s initial response to the NYC Subway shooting was to hike all passenger fares in time of an emergency. Did you hear the one about the cops that pulled over a self driving car in San Francisco? We did.


Elon Musk is interested in buying Twitter. His bid came in just a smidge ahead of ours.


In our legal corner this week, some Russians are attempting to sue Netflix over them shutting down in their country.


Zuckhead wants Meta’s AR glasses to be Facebook’s iPhone moment. Here’s a role reversal, Apple is now calling out Facebook for their plans to take 50% from Mettaverse sales. Apple is rumored to be testing a feature that would allow app developers to automatically charge users for subscription price increases. Bad apple, Bad Apple. Are Apple’s own privacy concerns getting in their own way of innovation? With WWDC sneaking up on us, we decided to put together a wish list for Apple stock app improvements. You may want to hold off on buying a new Mac anytime soon as Apple is rumored to be working on 9 different M2 Macs.


We then check in on our Android experiences and discuss our thoughts of using the device, the gestures, and whether or not we plan to keep our Android phones.


We then discuss the state of accessibility for a few apps that are really failing pretty miserably. 




We then talk about a new topic, NFT’s. We actually had to look up what they are!


In honor of Spring Cleaning, we decided to talk robot vacuums. If you have a model you are loving, please do let us know and email us in at


And of course its more of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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