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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 1, 2022

Brian and Ed welcome Sam Seavey to the That Real Blind Tech Show Lair. If Sam’s name is not familiar to you, his YouTube Channel probably is as Sam produces The Blind Life.


Sam takes us through how he started The Blind Life originally known as The Blind Spot, what made him want to get in to producing videos for the blind and low vision, and his experience with Android devices of all things.


We discuss some of the initial accessibility barriers Sam faced when he launched his YouTube channel, and what some of the challenges he faces producing his channel in 2022.


Sam then shares his experiences being back in person at ATIA and CSUN conferences this year.


Since we are both tech shows, we discuss reviewing products and how we handle a product that we just cannot give a positive review about. We then tackle the common complaint that assistive technology products are overpriced.


Here at That Real Blind Tech Show, our setup is fairly simplistic, as we just work with audio. We were quite curious to learn about Sam’s setup for filming video, and how accessible the products he uses are for the blind and low vision. Sam tells us about the first Sony camcorder to have a screen reader built in to it, but hold your horses, as the screen reader is still unfortunately, in its development stages.


While Sam’s The Blind Life Channel is completely free to view and subscribe to, he does need to eat, so if you are a fan of his content we discuss the different subscription levls he offers.


We then get Sam’s advice for people in our community who have been thinking about starting their own YouTube Channel. 


You can keep up with Sam on The Blind Life YouTube  and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, now on Tick Tock if you use this one.


To contact That Real Blind Tech Show, you can email us at, join our Facebook Group That Real Blind Tech Show, join us on the Twitter @BlindTechShow , or leave us an old school phone message at 929-367-1005.