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That Real Blind Tech Show

May 14, 2022

Brian and Ed are back in the That Real Blind Tech Show Lair, and are thrilled to be joined by the recently rewired, not retired Larry Goldberg. Larry just left Yahoo, as their Head of Accessibility.


We start off asking Larry about the future of accessibility at Yahoo.


We revisit our history over the past few years with Yahoo and the All Blind Fantasy Football League. If you have not seen the mini documentary about The All Blind League, you can watch it here. If you are interested in joining the Second All Blind Fantasy Football League which will be launching this August, email us in to reserve your spot.


Coming up in just a few days is Global Accessibility Awareness Day which Larry is involved with, we get his thoughts about where the state of accessibility is in 2022. Larry is also involved with XR Access, a group who’s goal is making augmented and virtual reality accessible to all, we dive in to what is coming up with them as their virtual conference will be June 9th and 10th.


We then begin our stroll down memory lane with a This is your life with Larry Goldberg. We discuss some of Larry’s career highlights, some lesser known moments of Larry’s career, and of course discuss all the amazing achievements Larry has accomplished in the name of accessibilityy.


We discuss how a USC Broadcast graduate ends up working in accessibility. Larry explains how captioning eventually led to audio description in television and film. We discuss the early days of audio description and how audio description has evolved here in 2022.


We then talk about Larry’s involvement with the 21st Century Communications Act, and find all about Teach Access.


We wrap up discussing what we can look forward to from Larry Goldberg the Consultant. You can keep up with Larry through his LinkedIn page.



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