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That Real Blind Tech Show

Nov 12, 2020

Join Ed and Brian for a recap of Apple’s 365th special event of 2020. We start off on a somber note as Brian pays tribute to his first guide dog Nash who recently passed. Disclaimer, if you drop your Air Pods on to a train track, do not go down on the tracks to get them. Really, Apple Lidar already can help blind people know how far other people are away from them? Talk about information I could have used yesterday. iOS 14.2 will now give you a completely useless daily briefing.  HomePod Mini orders have been placed, but will they ever arrive? Then a little promo for Brian who made an appearance on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast and you can read the article about the All Blind Fantasy Football League further down in the show notes. We then dive in to Apple’s One More Thing monthly presentation, starting off with our thoughts about the new M1 chip. RIP boot Camp. The new Mac Air keyboards will be making some interesting changes adding dedicated dictation, do not disturb, and spotlight keys. For a full VoiceOver user, is there any reason to get a MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar? iOS apps will they or won’t they be coming to your Arm Macs, but more importantly will they be accessible? Will you be installing Mac OS Big Sur on launch day? And of course it is more of Whatcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.

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Articles Discussed In This episode.
1. There is now a Vacuum specifically designed to pick up Air Pods
2. iPhone 12 Pro can use Lidar to help blind people detect other people
3. With the iOS 14.2 update you can now ask Siri for a daily update.
4. Brian Fischler Discusses The All Blind Football League with Yahoo Fantasy         
5. The 5 Biggest Announcements from Apple’s One More Thing
6. Major Developers opting out of Mac App Store before Apple Silicon Release
7. Mac OS Big Sur Dropping on November 12th