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That Real Blind Tech Show

Jul 31, 2022

The gang is back together again to discuss the latest greatest tech news.


We start off discussing the Zuckhead as he wants to ruin your Facebook and Instagram timelines even more then he already has done.


Interestingly, employees are more concerned about working in the Metaverse than employers.


Next we answer the age old question, why do sighted people make so many more buttdials than blind peeps?


Amazon Drive is going bye bye, will anybody miss it? This then leads us in to discussing our current cloud services that we enjoy using.


This interactive map highlights the most famous person from every city. Unfortunately, the map is completely inaccessible.


Kamala Harris was mocked for using gender specific pronouns and describing what she was wearing to an audience of disability leaders. We try and avoid the politics but thought we needed to discuss our thoughts about this.


It’s then a special early edition of What’s Pissing Off Brian Now, and if you are a guide dog user, you will not want to miss this.


We then check in with Allison, as she is the only one on the team who is running the iOS 16 beta. We find out about focus issues, notifications, and if she has tested door detection yet? The sighted community is claiming that dictation in iOS 16 beta 4 is amazing, but what about the VoiceOver community? Apple has already ruined one of the most exciting features in iOS 16 beta 4, the ability to edit text messages is now just stupid!


The new M2 Mac Air is here. The new M2 Mac Air is here! How was the setup process? What the heck is granting kernel access to a program? The big brain on Allison explains. We then discuss why Apple can’t get TouchID right. We then discuss the debacle known as the Mac App Store and using it with VoiceOver.


We say goodbye to Ed, not to worry, it’s just for the month of August, and find out what Ed will be up to.


Join us on Thursday, August 4th to learn how to play fantasy football and about the fantastic accessibility of the Yahoo Fantasy iOs app. Join members of The All Blind Fantasy Football League as we discuss our history of playing fantasy football, why we play, what we like, different styles of play, and more. This event is being hosted by the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library, and registration is required. You can register for free here.


And it is a very memorable Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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