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That Real Blind Tech Show

Aug 8, 2022

It’s a fully packed That Real Blind Tech show lair as the usuals Brian and Allison are here and joined by Jeanine and David Goldstein as Ed tours all over England, Scotland, and the Netherlands, not Neverland which as Brian learned on the last podcast is a totally different place.


You may have heard that crypto theft is on the rise, well Nomad has decided to let the thieves and pirates keep ten percent of their stolen bounty if they return the other ninety percent.


Apple is rumored to be launching a HomePod mini with a screen. It’s the yearly promise of Siri getting smarter, our Beta testers of iOS 16 chime in, and also let us know how door detection works. Unfortunately, passkey our method to a password less future will not launch when iOS 16 launches, and the feature will be bringing us more use of QR codes.


HBOMax and Discovery Plus will be merging in to a single streaming service. And Amazon has acquired iRobot.


It’s a very important What’s Pissing Off Brian Now and more of Watcha Streaming, Watcha Reading.


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